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OOC: Trelawny

Hello DOOMies! How is everyone today!

This past weekend I drove home, which allotted me a good 10 hours round trip to think, and think I did! Foremost was (bot of course!) the rpg, and besides a reaction to an impending DOOM, I thought of a OOC question I would post as a mild divergence:

Do you looks or omens in your daily life? I have several weird signs which I take to be either auspicious or a sign of impending doom (lower case). I'm not sure where they came from, but they sort of reminded me of the Grim and I can't help but think (hope) I'm not the only one who does this! One of My Signs is if a streetlight (not stoplight) goes out as I drive under it- impending doom! The flipside of that would be if I see a bird flying overhead, and especially if said bird crosses my path. Most especially if said bird is also a crow, a falcon, or an eagle. I'm not terribly certain where these derived from, but does anyone else have anything similar?

[Sidenote to The J's: I've yet to read through the emails properly, but when I do sometime tomorrow you may of couse expect my frivalous yet encouraging two knuts!]
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